How to connect: PC

On PSO PC, your character saves files are your responsibility! They are not saved to the server, instead, your character save files are saved to the Backup folder of your PSO PC installation location. By default, this is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGA\PhantasyStarOnline

Depending on your Windows permissions, they may also be saved in (by default):

C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\SEGA\PhantasyStarOnline

Make sure to back up your save files often.

Please also note that your save files are tied to your Serial Number. Changing your Serial Number will not allow you to load your save data as the game will report it as corrupted. Therefore, it is important for you to keep a record of your Serial Number/Access Key in the event that you need to restore your save files, as they can only be loaded when using the same serial number.

You can check your serial number and access key in the options menu of the launcher.

  1. Download and extract the Ragol PC Client.
  2. Run setup.exe inside the PSO PC Install Files folder.
  3. Copy and paste all files in the Ragol Server Executables folder to the PSO installation folder and accept any overwrites. (by default, this is C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGA\PhantasyStarOnline)
  4. Run PsoWindowSize.exe and choose the PSO Serials option.
  5. For Serial Number, put in a 10-digit number less than 4294967296. Do not put in a pattern such as 1111111111 or 1234567890.
  6. For Access Key, put in any combination of 8-characters from 1-0 and A-Z (case sensitive).
  7. For e-mail, put in any fake e-mail address (such as
  8. Set your options and launch the game!

If you already have an existing installation of PSO PC, all you need to do is patch your pso.exe to connect to

If you're not sure how to do this, download the Ragol PC Executables and extract them to your PSO PC folder, then launch as normal.