Episode 3 Trial Edition Support

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Episode 3 Trial Edition Support

Post by Matt »

An exciting announcement!

Thanks to the hard work of fuzziqersoftware, newserv (and ragol.org) now supports card battles in the Episode 3 Trial Edition. This was a demo version of the game released only in Japan prior to the release of the final game, and has many differences in character, match, and card balance, along with a lot of obvious bugs! Please note that support for this version is still very buggy due to how new it is, so please be sure to report any bugs you come across.

The Trial Edition on ragol.org uses the same maps and quests as the original version, so you may play this version with all the same content as the Final Episode 3 players (although you cannot play together). Furthermore, the card definitions file has been modified on the server, and you will be able to obtain all cards in the game from CLv 1 while playing online! This makes unobtainable cards on the Trial Edition such as Grow Guard and Grants available.

Please note that there will be no rebalances for the Trial Edition of the game, the above changes are the only things that will happen.

If you wish to try this version, you may download it at https://ragol.org/ep3-downloads, of which there is the original Japanese game, and also a machine translated English Patched version. Both of these versions will automatically connect to ragol.org regardless of settings, providing you are not pointing at another PSO server.

A full card list for this version can be found at https://ragol.org/trialcards (please note that the card text is incorrectly encoded Japanese, and will probably be worked on... eventually)

We hope you enjoy this prototype version of the game!

If you wish to check out newserv for yourself, please check the repository at GitHub.

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