Installers and executables

PSO PC installation files

Full installation files for Phantasy Star Online for PC, along with executables to connect to Please read the Readme and how to connect pages.

PSO PC executables for

A set of executables for people who already have PSO PC installed. The pso.exe included in this pack is a fullscreen executable with mouse disabled.

The PsoWindowSize.exe launcher included in these downloads is created by TulioAdriano under the GPL3.

Fullscreen pso.exe with mouse enabled

The default pso.exe provided in the above installation packages has mouse support disabled. Use this pso.exe instead if you wish to play with the mouse.

PSO PC Network Trial Edition installation files

The installer for the PSO PC Network Trial Edition, with pso.exe executables to automatically connect to

PSO PC Trial installer

The installer for the PSO PC Trial, which only features HUmar and Forest 1.



dgVoodoo is a graphics wrapper that allows PSO PC to run with a more modern graphics API. Advantages to this are higher resolutions, anti-aliasing, the ability to leave the game window in fullscreen, and swap between windowed and fullscreen without rebooting the game.

After downloading this, extract the D3D8.dll file in the x86 folder and the dgvoodooCpl.exe file to your folder with pso.exe and tweak settings as desired.

PSO PC Vanilla+ Drop Mod

A modification for the vanilla version of the game to improve the drop rates of items so that they can be realistically found, without modifying the drop locations or any other part of the game.

These files are provided to improve the offline free adventure experience, but are otherwise identical to the individual server drops found on the server at