Episode 3 Plus V2.4

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Episode 3 Plus V2.4

Post by Matt »

An update for Episode 3 Plus has been released. Please note that Episode 3 Plus is currently only compatible with NTSC-U saves.

You can download Episode 3 from the Episode 3 downloads page: https://ragol.org/ep3-downloads

This is a minor update that does the following:
  • All the small card art images have been added to all the unreleased cards, so they will no longer show with placeholder images. This also applies to Castor/User and Pollux/User.
  • Castor/User and Pollux/User have been renamed from Castor and Pollux to Castor/User and Pollux/User to better differentiate them if players hack them into games.
  • Il Gil has been renamed to Ill Gill.
  • Spirit Boost's short text ("Split") has been renamed to Spirit.
  • The game has been patched to connect to ragol.org automatically. On hardware, this means that default settings will send you straight to ragol.org with no set up required other than the BBA itself. On Dolphin, it is still required to change the DNS if you want to connect to ragol.org as the default DNS will connect to SCHTServ which redirects all queries to their own server. However, any valid DNS (such as will still connect you to the server.
    • Importantly, this patch will stop Error 102 caused by ISP security from occurring, and using Action Replay codes to connect online will not be necessary.
We hope you enjoy playing Episode 3!
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