Episode 3 Ranking

This is a ranking for all players who have entered tournaments and won matches to earn meseta! Players are ranked by their all-time earned meseta, meaning spent meseta will not deduct from this ranking.

Players are tracked by their serial, and the player name is the last character that has logged onto their account. Players with the name "Unknown" are players who have not logged in since the server started tracking character names.

Please note that tournaments on EU/Ragol are held monthly, and do not feature any COM opponents, so all earned meseta is from fighting other players.

How do tournaments work?

Tournaments on EU/Ragol work slightly differently to the official SEGA tournament system, to accomodate the smaller Episode 3 community and allow players to participate in tournaments across a long period of time, instead of all players having to be available at the same time.

Every month, a tournament will go up at the in-game counter that players may sign up for. The start date of each tournament is the last Friday of the month at 20:00 UTC.

Once the tournament has begun, matches will not be scheduled automatically, and players are to arrange their matches individually. To begin a match, all players are to meet in any C.A.R.D. lobby and stand at any battle table to begin the match, which will start automatically.

Please note that you must be contactable some way outside of the game to be able to participate in tournaments. Ideally, the Discord is best to arrange your matches, but you can also ask to be contacted through another method, such as the forum.

If we are unable to make contact with you when the tournament begins, you will be removed from the tournament.

Upon winning a match, the victor(s) will be granted meseta depending on the round of the tournament, with a bonus if they win the final round of the tournament.

Joining a tournament

To join a tournament, go to the counter in any C.A.R.D. lobby and choose the Tournament option. All active tournaments will be listed, and any that can be signed up for will say "Preparing" next to it. If it is a 1v1 tournament, simply choose the tournament, followed by an open slot, and you will be signed up.

Please note that the slot chosen is irrelevant, as all players will be shuffled at tournament start, and the tournament resized if necessary.

If you are joining a 2v2 tournament however, you must either create a team or join a team.

Creating a 2v2 team

If you are creating a team for others to join, after choosing an open slot in the tournament list, you will be prompted to enter a team name and a password (if desired). If you are planning to play with a specific team mate, you should enter a password, otherwise any other player may choose to join your team for the tournament.

Once the team has been made, it will appear in the list, with a white name if waiting for a second player, or with a yellow name if full. A padlock will be displayed if it has a password.

Joining a 2v2 team

If joining a 2v2 team, instead of choosing an open slot in the tournament, choose a pre-existing team with a white name to join them. If they have a password on the team, you will be required to enter the password to join them.

Starting a match

Once all players are present for a match, start the match by standing at any battle table in any C.A.R.D. lobbies with all the appropriate players. The match will begin automatically and all players sent to the deck selection screen.

Meseta rewards

As of current, EU/Ragol grants the following meseta for winning rounds:

  • Round 1: 16,000 meseta
  • Round 2: 20,000 meseta
  • Round 3: 24,000 meseta
  • Round 4: 28,000 meseta
  • Round 5: 32,000 meseta
  • Final Round bonus: 12,000 meseta

All-time earned meseta is tallied up and used for your ranking! Can you get to the top of the scoreboards?