Server Commands has many different commands you can type in game to customize your experience or perform certain actions. Here is a list of the server commands.

Note that on the Nov 1 Prototype version of the game, all commands use @ instead of $ due to not having $ on the on-screen keyboard.

All versions

$password x

Changes the password of the game. Use without anything after the command to remove the password.

$dropmode x

Changes the way item drops behave in the current team. Note that certain drop modes cannot be enabled in certain game types, such as Challenge and Battle.

  • none - All item drops disabled.
  • client - Each enemy will drop one item for the entire team. The vanilla drop tables are used.
  • shared - Each enemy will drop one item for the entire team. The server drop tables are used.
  • private - Each enemy will drop one item per player (aka "PSO2 drops"). The server drop tables are used.
  • duplicate - Each enemy will drop the same item per player. The server drop tables are used. This is the default drop system.

$itemnotifs x

Displays item drops as they happen on the right-hand side of the screen. Replace x with the desired mode:

  • off - No drop notifications
  • rare - Rare drop notifications (on by default)
  • on - All drop notifications, except meseta
  • every - All drop notifications, including meseta


Displays how much of each type of material the current character has used. Note that on Dreamcast and PC, it only shows HP and TP material counts as other materials have no limit.


Sends you to the lobby if in a game. Requires a quest to be loaded, except in Episode III where it works without a quest. If in the lobby, will send you back to the server main menu.


Enables or disables switch assist. This command allows you to open 2-person doors by yourself in free adventure. This must be enabled before stepping on a set of switches to work.


Enable or disable persistence for the current team. When enabled, games will not be deleted when the last player leaves. This command can be used to transfer items between your own characters, as items will remain on the ground. If a room is 0/4 for 15 minutes, it will be deleted.


Shows basic information about the lobby or team that you are in, such as ID, drop mode, and amount of players.


Shows the uptime of the server, the amount of games (includes the 20 lobbies) and players on the server. (g) refers to players on the server, (p) refers to players using the proxy server.


Shows round-trip ping time from the server to you.


Shows the type, name, and stats of the nearest item on the ground.


Shows your current floor number and coordinates.

$arrow x

Summons an arrow above your head in the lobby.

$maxlevel x

Sets the maximum level players can have when joining. Note that anyone already in the game will not be kicked.

$minlevel x

Sets the minimum level players must be when joining. Note that this cannot be lowered below the difficulty of the current team.

$quest x

Can be used in Challenge Mode only to load solo challenge quests while alone. The following are valid quests:

  • 8811 - Episode 1, Stage 1
  • 8812 - Episode 1, Stage 2
  • 8813 - Episode 1, Stage 3
  • 8814 - Episode 1, Stage 4
  • 8815 - Episode 1, Stage 5
  • 8816 - Episode 1, Stage 6
  • 8817 - Episode 1, Stage 7
  • 8818 - Episode 1, Stage 8
  • 8819 - Episode 1, Stage 9
  • 8821 - Episode 2, Stage 1
  • 8822 - Episode 2, Stage 2
  • 8823 - Episode 2, Stage 3
  • 8824 - Episode 2, Stage 4
  • 8825 - Episode 2, Stage 5

$savechar x

Backs up your current character data (not including bank or chat data on Dreamcast/PC) to the server while in the lobby. Must not be using a shared serial to use this. Each serial has 16 character slots, so replace x with 1-16. Does not work on PSO Episode I & II Plus and Xbox.

$loadchar x

Restores your chosen back up slot while in the lobby. You must disconnect from the game and save for the back up to stay, otherwise it will be undone if you join a team. Does not work on PSO Episode I & II Plus and Xbox.


$edit x

Modifies various values while in the lobby. Replace x with one of the below values:

  • namecolor FFRRGGBB - Changes your name color; replace RRGGBB with the hex color code of the color you want.
  • name x - Changes your character name. This will not change your section ID.
  • npc x - Changes you into an NPC model (Ver. 2 only). x can be replaced with sonic, tails, knuckles, rico, and ninja. Note that you must be using head or hairstyle 1 before using this, or you will become softlocked.
After using $edit, log out and save your game. You may be greeted with a corruption error - if this occurs, say no 5 times and you will still be able to play. Use the dressing room to remove the error message permanently, although name color will be removed if used.

Episode III


Toggles whether spectactors are allowed for your current game. If there are any spectactors when this is disabled, they will be sent back to the lobby.


Toggles whether the next match should disable all phase and match timers. After the match, the timers will revert back to default behaviour.

$dicerange x

Changes various dice behaviours in the next match, providing that the map/quest does not set these dice rules. Replace x with:

  • d:MIN-MAX - Specifices a different range for defence dice for all players
  • 1:MIN-MAX - Specifices a different range for both dice for solo in 2v1 matches
  • a1:MIN-MAX - Specifies a different range for attack dice for solo in 2v1 matches
  • d1:MIN-MAX - Specifices a different range for defence dice for solo in 2v1 matches


Causes your team to immediately lose the current battle.

$saverec x

Saves a recording of the last battle. Replace x with a desired recording name. Note that a recording can only be accessed by yourself.

$playrec x

Plays a battle recording. This must be used in the lobby. Replace x with the battle recording name. Once used, you will be in a spectator waiting room where others can join, use $playrec again to start the recording.

$stat x

Shows a statistic about your player or team in the current battle. Replace x with one of the following:

  • duration
  • fcs-destroyed
  • cards-destroyed
  • damage-given
  • damage-taken
  • opp-cards-destroyed
  • own-cards-destroyed
  • move-distance
  • cards-set
  • fcs-set
  • attack-actions-set
  • techs-set
  • assists-set
  • defenses-self
  • defenses-ally
  • cards-drawn
  • max-attack-damage
  • max-combo
  • attacks-given
  • attacks-taken
  • sc-damage
  • damage-defended
  • rank