Dark Falz and Olga Flow Drops

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Dark Falz and Olga Flow Drops

Post by Matt »

Dark Falz and Olga Flow now correctly have their drops enabled in Version 2 and GameCube/Xbox while playing online. Defeating them in any difficulty will have them roll their drop table, although only in Ultimate do they have rare drops. The drops given to them are as follows:

Dreamcast/PC Ver. 2

Dark Falz
  • Viridia: Red Ring - 1/128
  • Greennill: Riko's Glasses - 1/32
  • Skyly: Riko's Earring - 1/32
  • Bluefull: Red Ring - 1/128
  • Purplenum: Riko's Glasses - 1/32
  • Pinkal: Riko's Earring - 1/32
  • Redria: Red Ring - 1/128
  • Oran: Red Ring - 1/128
  • Yellowboze: Red Ring - 1/128
  • Whitill: Red Ring - 1/128

The drops below are identical to the original drop table on the client, however Whitill's boosted Red Ring drop has had its boost removed.

Dark Falz
  • Viridia: Red Ring - 1/64
  • Greennill: Rico's Earring - 1/64
  • Skyly: Red Ring - 1/64
  • Bluefull: Rico's Earring - 1/64
  • Purplenum: Rico's Earring - 1/64
  • Pinkal: Rico's Glasses - 1/64
  • Redria: Red Ring - 1/64
  • Oran: Rico's Glasses - 1/64
  • Yellowboze: Rico's Earring - 1/64
  • Whitill: Red Ring - 1/64
Olga Flow
  • All IDs: Parasitic Gene "Flow" - 1/64
There are no restrictions on where the item can drop, however these items will only drop on server drop modes. By default, all games are individual drops (or "PSO2 Drops") which follow the server drop table.

All of these are subject to change, as none of these drops were available on the original versions of the game.

As usual, thanks to fuzziqersoftware for implementing this, be sure to check out his server software at https://github.com/fuzziqersoftware/newserv!
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Re: Dark Falz and Olga Flow Drops

Post by Varista »

How absolutely swank of you MR MATT
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Re: Dark Falz and Olga Flow Drops

Post by Rico Tyrell »

É extremamente gratificante jogar sabendo que os itens originais mesmo os banidos estão ativos e suas quedas são reais parabéns.❤️
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