GameCube/Xbox new quests: Random Attack Xrd REV

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GameCube/Xbox new quests: Random Attack Xrd REV

Post by Matt »

Hello Hunters,

Today, thanks to Ender, we bring you two new quests for GameCube/Xbox:

  • Random Attack Xrd REV 1
  • Random Attack Xrd REV 2

These two quests will have you tackle a random set of levels with random routes and many enemies. No two runs of these quests are the same and span the entire episode they take place in, including Palace and Spaceship in Episode 1. You may encounter many bosses during them, or you may encounter none.

You may find these quests under the VR category. These two quests may be joined at any time. Please let us know if there are any issues.

A huge thank you to fuzziqersoftware as well for providing the pointer addresses to the start of the quest script for all GameCube and Xbox versions, making this quest portable to GameCube/Xbox with minimal effort.

Random Attack Xrd REV 1 will also be looked at to port to Dreamcast/PC, but this may take a while due to the size of the quest script.

Furthermore, Lost FILL CANNON (Central Control Area) has also been made joinable as the above quests solved the issue blocking it from being joinable.

We hope you enjoy playing PSO!

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