[XBOX] dopey's TextEnglish.pr2/.pr3

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[XBOX] dopey's TextEnglish.pr2/.pr3

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Had this sitting on my pooter for a while so figured I'd actually share it now that Ragol is getting a few extra Xbonxers:

This is an edited TextEnglish.pr2 and .pr3 made by me :) that changes rare weapon names to have proper capitalisation, a la Ephinea. For example, DISKA OF BRAVEMAN becomes Diska of Braveman, etc.. Other changes include:

  • Name change of SEALED J-SWORD to Sealed Nodachi

  • Name change of TSUMIKIRI J-SWORD to simply Tsumikiri

  • Name change of OROTIAGITO to Orochi-Agito (sorry about the hyphen, CTB)

  • Dating of replica weapons. E.g. FLOWEN'S SWORD becomes Flowen's Sword (3084) (and so on); AGITO becomes Agito (1975) (and so on), etc.

These changes probably seem a little pointless to most people, and you'd be right in thinking that! Especially considering this is simply a client-side patch and flies right in the face of drop notifications posted on the server whenever a rare item drops in-game. But if you're anal about this stuff like I am then hopefully it'll provide you with some peace of mind.

As you might have already gathered, since this is an edit of TextEnglish.pr2/.pr3, no other language has received these changes. If there is demand for this, I'll happily create them, though. Or you can do it yourself! It's really easy, all it involves is extracting the .pr2 with newserv and then simply editing the .json you're given.

Installation of this "patch" is very simple--all you have to do is FTP the files into your game's /dvd/ folder!

Download link:
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

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