Challenge Update

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Challenge Update

Post by Matt »

Hi all,

Normally wouldn't do an update so soon, but a couple of minor updates to the solo challenge update from earlier:

  • $quest will no longer load challenge quests outside of Challenge mode, so you don't have to worry about potential data loss from loading it by accident in Normal/Battle.
  • Challenge quests can be played in any order on, but there was an issue where if you did Episode 1 out of order, your final Challenge title would be whichever quest you did last. This has now been fixed, as all Episode 1 Challenge quests will no longer overwrite a title from a later stage, meaning you will always end up with Bu-EI after finishing every stage.

As another minor update, the consumable shop in The Lab will now display how much of each item you have when you have the shop menu open.

That's all folks, keep on PSO'ing!

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