Duplicate Drop Vote Results, Joinable Quests, Minor Updates

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Duplicate Drop Vote Results, Joinable Quests, Minor Updates

Post by Matt »

Hi all,

The poll for the default drop system being duplicate drops has concluded. With 13 votes for individual drops (or "PSO2 Drops") and 26 votes for duplicate drops (or "Warframe Drops"), duplicate drops will remain the default drop system for all versions on Ragol.org! It seems after trialling this system, this is more popular than the usual individual drop system with the players.

If you still wish to play with individual drops, you may do so by typing $dropmode private in games that you create; of course, there is also $dropmode client and $dropmode server if you wish to play with the classic PSO drop system with either the vanilla drops or server drops.

-- The Lab Update --

A somewhat grave error was made in the creation of The Lab - stats of created frames and barriers do not inherit the stats of the base item on GameCube/Xbox like it does on Blue Burst. As such, the Love Heart and Safety Heart upgrades have been rewritten to work like the Lafuteria update: Give ALICIA a minimum stat Love Heart/Safety Heart along with a Spirit Garment/Invisible Guard, and she will upgrade the Love Heart/Safety Heart depending on the stats of the Spirit Garment/Invisible Guard. The extra Heart Key cost has been removed.

As Spirit Garment and Invisible Guard have much less variable DFP/EVP range than the created items, the amount received on the Love Heart/Safety Heart will be a multiplied value of the bonuses on the base item - if you have a +2 DFP Spirit Garment, for example, you will receive a +14 DFP Love Heart. Maximum DFP/EVP on the base items will also result in maximum DFP/EVP on the created item. ALICIA will tell you what stats you will get before the exchange happens.

The philosophy behind these exchanges is that players are still required to make the items through the original method of obtaining them, but then there is an additional option to be able to increase the stats of the items.

Extra NPC: Consumable Item Shop

An extra NPC has been placed outside of the bank area, who will sell you all the mag consumables without having to gamble the original item shop. She can sell you any amount from 1-10, and takes the same amount of meseta as the original item shop, rather than the increased amount in Phantasmal World #4.

Screenshot_20240428_114700.png (750.95 KiB) Viewed 2981 times

-- Joinable Quests --

Support for joinable quests has been added for all versions. Quests must be written to support this, and not all of them will be able to, so only certain quests will be made joinable. Currently, the following are joinable:

  • Shops: The Lab
  • Hero in Red: All except 1-2, 2-3, 3-2, 4-1, and 4-2
  • The Military's Hero: All except 5-4, 6-2, and 6-4.

More will be added over time as it gets confirmed what works and what doesn't. Let us know if you find any issues with this feature!

You can tell if a quest is joinable when viewing a room as the quest text colour will be red if not joinable, and yellow if joinable:

image.png (102.17 KiB) Viewed 2981 times
image.png (106.56 KiB) Viewed 2981 times

The quest description will be modified as well to let you know if a quest is joinable as well.

Other Updates

  • Xbox has received a new patch: Rare Item Alerts; this will make a sound when a rare item drops and also draw it on the map for you. Thanks goes to fuzziqersoftware as always for these patches, and everything else!
  • The colours for server announcements and itemnotifs has been modified, as it turns out the glowy orange text doesn't work on Dreamcast Ver. 1. Oops!

We hope you continue to enjoy playing PSO.

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