Xbox Support is Live! and other small changes

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Xbox Support is Live! and other small changes

Post by Matt »

Welcome all Xbox players to the Ragol PSO server!

The Ragol PSO Server is a server that runs on newserv, an open source PSO server by fuzziqersoftware that supports all versions of PSO with various extra features.

To play on Xbox, simply set up Insignia and then choose "" from the server list choice when going online for the first time, and you will automatically connect to this server when going online. If you have already connected to a server previously, you may change your option at the Insignia dashboard.

We would like to thank the Insignia team and everyone who works on it for restoring Xbox Live functionality and allowing PSO Xbox to be played offline and online once again! Special thanks to Billy and Luke who also gave newserv the opportunity to add Xbox support and all their help!

So, why play here? Please note that the below list also applies to all other PSO versions here, such as GameCube.

-- Full crossplay with GameCube --

Play with fellow Xbox players with voicechat, or also play with GameCube players as well seamlessly. Xbox players are signified with light green names, and GameCube players are signified with light purple names. You may also see other name colours in the lobby - these are other versions of the game that people are playing, although you won't be able to play with them.

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-- Modern individual drop system (or "PSO2 Drops") --

No more ninjas, no more worrying about having drops "stolen", all versions of PSO on EU/Ragol benefit from a modern drop system that provides a drop to each player in the game, instead of one drop for all players in the game. Currently, the default drop system is "duplicate drops" as we are running a trial, where every player receives the same items - try it out! If you would rather each player receive different items, you may do this for a game with $dropmode private.

Please note that these individual drop systems are not available in Challenge and Battle modes, as the drops are integral to the gameplay experience.

-- Multiple patches to improve the gameplay experience --

Apply patches when you connect online, from the following list currently:

  • DC targets: Change the reticle colours to match that of the Dreamcast
  • Decoction: Change the Decoction item to be usable, which resets all current materials on the character (there is a quest called "Decoction" which offers this item free of charge)
  • Disable idle DC: Disable the auto disconnect timer, allowing you to idle in lobby and show off your drip forever more.
  • Enemy HP bars: Display HP bars on the monster targetting window
  • GC targets: Change the reticle colours to match that of the GameCube
  • MAG alert: Play the mag feeding sound when your MAG is ready to be fed
  • Invisible MAG: Hide all MAGs; sometimes your efficient MAG set up just gets in the way of your fashion statement, am I right?
  • No item loss: Prevents all item loss if the game is closed ungracefully
  • Movement: Corrects the analog stick deadzones, allowing full analog movement

When you connect online, there are two menus, "Patches" and "Patch switches". Patches will apply the patch for the current session, while Patch switches will set the patch to be applied automatically when you connect online. A patch with an asterisk next to it means it is to be applied when you connect online next.

Special thanks go to Raft@gc-forever, Aleron Ives, and fuzziqersoftware for making these patches a reality on Xbox.

-- Rebalanced drop tables --

The drop tables for Ultimate have been rebalanced, adding more interesting and valuable drops across all areas and IDs! There are still further revisions to come for Very Hard and more Ultimate changes, stay tuned!

Please see the drop tables here.

The drop tables also provide access to all event items year round, along with all offline challenge mode items and certain mag drops with Photon Blasts. The mag drops available are Chao, RoboChao, ELENOR, and Mark 3.

Other notable changes including Episode 2 having 5% hit rate on all IDs, and TP materials will now drop as a common item in Ultimate difficulty. All 1/300,000 uber rates have also been relaxed to be more in line with other rates.

-- All content unlocked online --

Want to play free adventure through Mine, but haven't gotten around to doing it offline? Worry not, as you will have access to all areas online regardless of your offline progress. You may also play through every download and side story quest online as well, meaning you may use the server drop table in these quests, and also not have to hop online to play these quests.

Please note that due to restrictions in PSO, you will not be able to do any plotlines such as Soul Eater online in side stories, as quest flag progress is not saved online.

-- Many server commands --

Check out the many server commands you can use to improve your gameplay experience here.

Here are some notable ones:

  • $itemnotifs: Display detailed notifications for item drops on the side of the screen. Options are off, rare, on, and every (every displays meseta as well).
  • $matcount: Display your current character's material count
  • $exit: Leave your current quest and return to the lobby, or return to the ship selection screen if in the lobby.
  • $swa: Unlock multi-button doors in free adventure with this command! Use it before stepping on buttons and they will unlock alone. Does not work in quests; though quests have been modified to allow solo progress where appropriate.
  • $persist: Leave a game open even after leaving it. All items on the floor, along with defeated enemies and map state are preserved, allowing you to hop back on with another character. Very useful for transferring items yourself! Note that if a room is 0/4 for 15 minutes, it will be deleted.

-- All quests available for offline play --

Want to play quests when you don't have access to internet, or just when you're alone and want an easier time? All quests on the server may be downloaded to your Xbox for offline play.

Please note that there is a limit to this, and over 25 quests will crash the game when loading the list. Be sure to only take what you need at a time, and remove quests when you want new ones.

Note that if you have issues with offline progress after playing a download quest, completing the quests 1-3, 2-4, 4-1, 5-5, 6-5, and 7-5 offline will fix any issues. There is a pending fix for this to come at a later date so that all download quests will not cause this.

-- Custom unique quests -- features custom and unique quests, along with all SEGA quests ported from other versions. With custom quests from Matt, Ender, and Esther, the fun never stops!

More quests are to come in the future, and accepts quests from other users providing they work within our guidelines, which are that they are not too powerful and do not replace the current content list.

We hope you enjoy playing PSO here, and be sure to join our Discord to find other people to play with and organise games!

-- Skip dialogue in all quests --

Save time mashing your A button to skip dialogue and more time playing -- all quests on (bar a few, and story quests) have the option to skip dialogue at the start.

Other changes

  • Converting Agito (1975) in Seek my Master online will convert it with all of its attributes retained. There are no special pre-requisites for this, and can be done as many times as you wish. This change only applies to GameCube and Xbox.
  • Gallon's Shop will now offer all Disks from Vol 1 to Vol 7, adding the missing Vol 4 and Vol 5.
  • Paganini in Gallon's Shop will now offer you an item list instead of having you play the "bargaining minigame". Paganini will also only take the required Photon Drops when trading, so you don't have to drop items outside if you want multiple things.

And finally, I would like to thank fuzziqersoftware once again for his tireless work on newserv, it would be an understatement to say I am appreciative of his work.

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