V2 Update - The Lab, Drop Table Update

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V2 Update - The Lab, Drop Table Update

Post by Matt »

Hello Dreamcast and PCv2 Hunters!

Today, we bring you "The Lab", a new trade-in quest for Ver. 2 which offers the opportunity to get some new items! This quest can be found under "Shops" at the quest counter.

-- NPC 1: ELENOR --

ELENOR offers 3 services:

  • Photon Blast addition
  • Elenor exchange
  • Davil's Tail exchange

Photon Blast addition

A few mags in the game are available from quests, however they either come with no Photon Blasts, or only one. With ELENOR's new service, you can spend 2 Weapons Leather Badges to add or change Photon Blasts on the following mags:

  • Angel's Wing
  • Chu Chu
  • Devil's Wing
  • Hamburger
  • Kapu Kapu
  • Panzer's Tail
  • Mark3
  • Master System
  • Genesis
  • Sega Saturn
  • Dreamcast

Please note that the quest cannot check how many Blasts are currently on a mag, so ELENOR will ask you. Make sure you answer correctly, or you will get incorrect Photon Blasts or lose them!

Other than IQ/Synchro, all parameters on the mag will be kept.

Weapons Leather Badges are a new drop obtainable in Endless Nightmare #1 and Mop-up Operation #1 on Ultimate difficulty only. Clearing the quests will reward you with 1 Weapon Leather Badge at the end in a box.

Elenor exchange

Finally obtain the Elenor mag on Ver. 2 with this trade-in! To obtain the Elenor mag, you will need to obtain the "High-level Mag Cell, Eno" and "High-level Mag Armor, Uru" items from Ultimate Mine.

With these two items, ELENOR will remake the mag for you, with 2 Photon Blasts of your choice. It will come as a fresh 0/0/0/0 mag.

Davil's Tail exchange

With the "Special Gene Flou" item, ELENOR will perform a combination on the Devil's Wing mag for you to create the Davil's Tail mag. ELENOR will put 2 Blasts of your choice on this mag, and it will retain all levels and stats from when it was a Devil's Wing, although IQ/Synchro will be lost.

Make sure to let ELENOR know if you have any Blasts on the mag, as the Davil's Tail cannot have its Blasts changed in the future!

-- NPC 2: Lilith (FOmarl) --

Lilith offers 2 services:

  • Black Ring exchange
  • ES J-Cutter exchange

Black Ring Exchange

Lilith will offer to combine your Green and Purple rings for you to create the elusive BLACK RING. If you have +1 DFP or +1 EVP on either of the rings, this will be transferred to the resulting BLACK RING.

ES J-Cutter Exchange

Lilith finished Challenge, but was given an ES J-Cutter for her efforts despite being a FOmarl! If you have an ES Slicer, she will trade you for it, giving you her ES J-Cutter. The ES Slicer's name and grind will be transferred over to the resulting J-Cutter.

-- NPC 3: Scientist --

The scientist offers 3 services:

  • Tsumikiri J-Sword exchange
  • Guld Milla exchange
  • Double Cannon exchange

Tsumikiri J-Sword exchange

The scientist will offer to unseal your Sealed J-Sword for you, but only if you have 5 Weapons Crystal Badges to prove that you're worthy. These badges are clear rewards for clearing any of the Maximum Attack 4 quests on Ultimate. These quests aren't easy if you're not prepared!

The resulting Tsumikiri J-Sword will retain the attributes of the Sealed J-Sword.

Guld Milla exchange

The scientist can soul bind Guld and Milla together to create the Guld Milla mechgun. There are no pre-requisites to do this, just the two weapons. You will be asked which weapon you want to take the attributes from.

Double Cannon exchange

The scientist is able to join the 2 daggers of the Lavis Blade together if you bring him a Joint Parts. This will create Double Cannon.

The resulting Double Cannon will retain the attributes of the Lavis Blade.

Other Changes

  • Prophets of Motav from Pinkal Gran Sorcerer has been made rarer, from 1/900 to 1/2,601 to make it more of a flex item.
  • Lavis Blade from Dark Bringer has been made rarer, from 1/358 to 1/1,034, as the original rate was balanced around requiring Lavis Cannon for Double Cannon.
  • Safety Heart replaces P-arms' Arms on Pinkal, Redria, Oran, Yellowboze, and Whitill on Ultimate.
  • God's Shield Byakko may now drop in Forest again, at 1/1,024 on all IDs from Forest 2 boxes.
  • Red Ring has been made more common - it is now 1/64 instead of 1/128.
  • Maximum Attack 4th Stage -C- will no longer kick players out immediately after Falz, and will correctly wait 20 seconds.
  • Fixed lack of dialogue skip in Lost HELL PALLASCH, and fixed annoying relocation bug due to incorrect p_setpos scripts.
  • Fixed non-V1 quests showing up with V1 player in game while leader is V2

We hope you enjoy playing PSO!

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