GameCube/Xbox Drop Table Update, Drop Notifications Update

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GameCube/Xbox Drop Table Update, Drop Notifications Update

Post by Matt »

Hi all,

The GameCube/Xbox drop table has been updated with the following changes below. As usual, the goal of these updates is to increase variety of play while still keeping original drop sources relevant.

The drop charts can be found here:

  • Attribute and stat restrictions have been lifted on all items on the drop table - this means all items may roll variable stats or attributes as expected.
  • Melqueek DAR has been adjusted to make more sense. The rarity of items has been left alone, meaning they are now all more common, but some may be made rarer to compensate if needed.


Hildetorr (E2): Kamui -> Frozen Shooter (1/2)
Baranz (E2): Panzer Faust -> Holy Ray (1/631)


Melqueek: Demolition Comet -> Yasha (1/28,808)
Hildetorr (E2): Agito (1983) -> Frozen Shooter (1/2)
Dubchich (E2): Justy-23ST -> Electro Frame (1/1,051)


Ob Lily (E2): Justy-23ST -> God/Power (1/1,707)
Hildetorr (E2): God/Power -> Frozen Shooter (1/2)


Hildetorr (E2): Windmill -> Frozen Shooter (1/2)
Gulgus (E2): Alive Aqhu -> Syncesta (1/33,608)


Hildetorr (E2): Rabbit Wand -> Frozen Shooter (1/2)


Hildetorr (E2): Berdysh -> Frozen Shooter (1/2)
Indi Belra (E2): Silence Claw -> Yasha (1/28,808)
Baranz (E2): Parts of Egg Blaster -> Holy Ray (1/631)


Hildetorr (E2): Rabbit Wand -> Magic Stone "Iritista" (1/22)


Melqueek: ELENOR -> Yasha (1/28,808)
Crimson Assassin (E1): Red Partisan -> ELENOR (1/2,128)
Hildetorr (E2): Windmill -> Syncesta (1/22)


Hildetorr (E2): Flight Cutter -> Frozen Shooter (1/2)
Indi Belra (E2): Justy-23ST -> Yasha (1/28,808)
Dubchich (E2): Dragon Slayer -> Electro Frame (1/1,051)


Hildetorr (E2): Flight Cutter -> Frozen Shooter (1/2)

For drop notifications, they are now split between Dreamcast/PC and GameCube/Xbox, with the following changes:

  • 9* items will no longer send a game drop notification to other players in a Dreamcast/PC game, as these are common items.
  • Prophets of Motav, Handgun:Guld and Handgun:Milla will no longer send global notifications on Dreamcast/PC as they are not rare enough.
  • Level 30 Attack Techs found on GameCube/Xbox will send a global notification; support techs will still send a game notification however. On Dreamcast/PC, all 30 techs will send a game notification only.
  • Agito (1975), DB's Saber (3064), Flowen's Sword (3073 and 3077), Parasitic Gene "Flow", and Book of Hitogata have been added to global notifications for GameCube/Xbox.
  • Evil Curst has been added to global notifications for both Dreamcast/PC and GameCube/Xbox.

Let us know if you have any comments, we hope you enjoy playing PSO!

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