Episode 3 Rankings, New Episode 2 Quests, Rare Item / Level Announcements

Check here to see the latest updates!
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Episode 3 Rankings, New Episode 2 Quests, Rare Item / Level Announcements

Post by Matt »

Hi all,

Here are the updates for the past few days!

Episode 3 Rankings

There is now an all-time meseta earned leaderboard for Episode 3, which can be found at https://ragol.org/ep3-ranking. Meseta on Episode 3 is earned through tournaments only, and the tournament system on Ragol only has face up against other players - will you make it to the top of the leaderboard?

The page is linked on the main page of the website in the sidebar, and also has a (somewhat lengthy) explanation of how tournaments work here. We hope to see you participate!

New Episode 2 Quests

7 new Episode 2 quests have been added for GameCube/Xbox, all thanks to Esther!

  • Penumbral Surge #1 (VR Temple) - Extermination
  • Penumbral Surge #2 (VR Spaceship) - Extermination
  • Penumbral Surge #3 (Seaside, Jungle North, Mountain) - Extermination
  • Penumbral Surge #4 (Central Control Area) - Extermination
  • Penumbral Surge #5 (Seabed) - Extermination
  • Penumbral Surge #6 (Control Tower) - Extermination
  • Twilight Sanctuary (Jungle East, Control Tower) - Control Tower

Quests are up permanently on EU/Ragol, and there are no sorts of drop restrictions for any quest.

We also now have so many extermination quests that the extermination category has had to be split into 2. All Episode 2 extermination quests have been moved to the new "Extermination (E2)" category. Furthermore, other categories have been re-arranged so that Episode 1 quests are all on top, and Episode 2 quests underneath for the sake of cleanliness.

Don't forget that we also have Ender's brilliant Sweep-up Operation series (both Episode 1 and Episode 2) and Esther's Scarlet Realm series (Episode 1), so be sure to check them out if you're looking for something new to play!

Rare Item / Level Up Notifications

Picking up a rare item in game will now announce your find to the other players in game! Of course, with duplicate drops currently being the default, this may be a little redundant, since everyone does get the same drop.

Furthermore, certain drops on all versions will announce to the entire server that you have found it. These items are:

  • Psycho Wand
  • Heaven Punisher
  • Lavis Cannon
  • Sealed J-Sword
  • Handgun: Guld
  • Handgun: Milla
  • Prophets of Motav
  • Yasha
  • NUG2000-Bazooka
  • All Section ID cards
  • Angel Harp
  • Nei's Claw
  • Red Ring

If you have any more items you think should be broadcast, please let us know. Note that the item announcement list is shared between all versions, hence certain things (such as LV30 tech drops on GameCube) not being included for a global announcement, as they are common on another version of the game.

Lastly, getting maximum level will also announce to the server your epic accomplishment! This is:

  • Lv100 on Dreamcast V1
  • CLv999 on Episode 3
  • Lv200 on all other versions

We hope you enjoy playing PSO!

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