New DNS server... again!

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New DNS server... again!

Post by Matt »

Hi all,

Unfortunately the DNS that I moved to at the start of March was unfortunately not suitable, as despite the powerful hardware, they had issues with routing in other parts of the country.

As of this post, the new DNS for the server is as follows:

tapserver BBA:
tapserver Modem Adapter:
Devolution: 14470359098655

You only need to change your DNS if using a connection method which required you to enter an address. If you connected using a patcher, disc, client, or by entering "", you do not need to change anything.

The old DNS server from before the move will still redirect, but the old one is now shut down with immediate effect to avoid incurring extra costs.

This should hopefully make the gameplay experience smoother for everyone.

We hope you enjoy playing PSO!

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