GameCube/Xbox Drop Table Rebalance, All Areas Unlocked, and Minor Updates

Check here to see the latest updates!
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GameCube/Xbox Drop Table Rebalance, All Areas Unlocked, and Minor Updates

Post by Matt »

Hi all,

Here are some updates!

GameCube/Xbox Drop Table

The drop table for GameCube/Xbox has been rebalanced to be more fair. Various items have been added to the drop tables, with the aim to hopefully improve ID/area variety, make event items available all year round, and grant access to certain mags with Photon Blasts and good stats.

Find the drop table here: (box drops to be added eventually, but there have been no changes other than the below item swaps)

Here are some highlights:

  • TP Materials drop on Ultimate in all areas at the same rate as Luck Material
  • Hit % drop rate in Episode 2 has been increased to 5% for all IDs
  • God/Battle now drops on all IDs from Hildelt (E1)
  • All instances of L&K14 Combat, Gae Bolg, and Asuka have been replaced with M&A60 Vise, Vjaya, and Musashi respectively.
  • Red Ring now drops from all IDs from Dark Falz.
  • ELENOR, Chao, RoboChao, and Mark 3 can be dropped with Photon Blasts and a preset stat makeup.
  • Offline Challenge Mode items and Event Items are available all year round (note: These items will drop 0% as they would from their original source)
  • Various item additions to make certain areas/IDs more appealing.
  • Ubers have been equalised across all drops, so instead of 1/300,000, they are more like 1/28,808
  • Bulk, Death Gunner, Mothvist, and Recobox will drop the same items as their related enemy, instead of nothing.
  • Rare units that are under God tier have been upgraded to God tier.

There will most likely be further revisions to this drop table, but please note that things won't be made easier, just more varied, so don't wait to get hunting!

All Areas Unlocked

When playing online on EU/Ragol, all areas will be unlocked in free adventure regardless of your offline progress. There is no need to slog alone offline if you simply want to do some dungeon crawling with friends!

image.png (1.07 MiB) Viewed 4415 times

Side Story Quests

All the side story quests and download quests have been made available to play online, so that they (and by they, we mean Fake in Yellow, of course) can be used alongside the server drop tables. Please note that due to how PSO works, you won't be able to do any of the sub plots online as the flags are not saved while online, so you will need to obtain items such as Soul Eater offline unfortunately!

These quests will only appear in the download list if you are alone.

Minor Updates

There have been other minor updates over the past week as well:

  • Today's Rate in V2 has had its requirement for offline quest clears to be done for enemy part conversion removed. You may now convert enemy parts without having played Doc's Secret Plan.
  • The RNG for enemy part conversion in Today's Rate V2 has been fixed - previously it would trend heavily towards 10% and Native, Machine, Hit weapons, now all possibilities are equal.
  • The RNG for weapon rewards in Towards the Future V2 has been fixed - previously it would trend heavily towards Native/Machine, now all possibilities are equal.
  • Mothvist, Death Gunner, and Bulk on Dreamcast/PC will now also drop items - the same as their related enemy in most cases, but in VH, Death Gunner and Bulk have unique drops.
  • Attribute rolls on V2 in Ultimate have been changed slightly - all items in an area set will roll the same attribute chances now (for example, Cave 1 vs Cave 3, Mine 1 vs Mine 2), and the skew to drop the same attribute as the current area has also been reduced, so it isn't quite as difficult to find a Dark item in Forest, for example.
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