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Quest Update

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2024 3:54 pm
by Matt

Hi all,

Almost all quests on all versions now have the ability to skip the opening dialogue. If you're sick of Natasha's diatribe at the start of Phantasmal World #2, you can now tell her you're not interested in listening to her and go play the quest instead.

Story-based quests and quests with somewhat complicated openings don't have skip dialogue currently, but if you feel a quest should get a skip dialogue option, feel free to ask. Let me know if it also seems to be missing in certain quests or languages.

While it was also announced previously as well, Endless Nightmare and Phantasmal World have also both been updated with the option to disable the camera change at the end of areas, so players no longer need to pipe up to get back to a more comfortable camera.