New Server and DNS

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New Server and DNS

Post by Matt »

Hi all,

The Ragol PSO Server has been transferred to its own dedicated VPS, rather than running on one with many of my own personal services -- I did not envision the server being relatively popular with others, as it was originally only hosted for my own personal use. The only things running on the server now are the game server itself and the website, nothing else.

The new DNS is, please update your connection settings if you connect using manual DNS address. You will not need to update anything if using an autoconnect disc or action replay code.

The old DNS will still redirect you to the current server, however, but it will not do so forever, so it is recommended to change your settings sooner rather than later.

Furthermore, the server has been upgraded to have double the resources, and is also being hosted with a more reliable hosting provider which should hopefully make things smoother for those having issues.

The server is still located in Europe, but is it now located in Nuremberg, Germany, rather than London, UK.

There shouldn't be any issues with the game server or website, but let me know if any new issues crop up, either on the forum or Discord.

We hope you enjoy playing PSO!

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