Shared Serial Support

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Shared Serial Support

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The server now allows connections from known shared serials that are used on the Dreamcast version of the game. Using a shared serial means that you will not have any access to any server features that identify you by your serial however, such as character backups.

If you are using a shared serial you found online, we recommend going through the process to change your character's and console's serials to a unique generated one. Instructions can be found on the PSO Tool GUI page: ... azorx.224/

Please note that there is no rule that players must use legitimate serial numbers / access keys, everyone must just simply use unique ones other than known shared serials which players have used for years on Dreamcast.

The way this server works is that when you first connect with a serial number/access key/password combo, it will automatically register that serial number and access key, and reconnections from the same serial number require the same credentials. For people using shared serials however, it is likely that their access key / passwords are different, and therefore they are unable to connect.

We recommend always using unique serial numbers, and the above PSO Tool GUI will help you generate unique serials for your character.

If you are unable to connect with your serial number, please leave a message on the forum or Discord so that your serial number can either be made shared or freed up, depending on the source of the serial number.

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