June Updates

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June Updates

Post by Matt »

Hello Hunters,

A few things have happened in June, although not as much as I would like as I've unfortunately been ill for a while. Here's the list!

$where command

A simple command that tells you where other players are in the party (Forest 1, Cave 2, etc...). No more guessing if everyone is back on Ragol or not!

Switch Assist by default

The $swa command has been activated by default. Multi-person doors in free adventure will open without requiring multiple people. You can turn this off by typing $swa. This does not work in quests.

Ultimate Map Fix for DCv2

The Ultimate Map Fix patch has been made a server-side patch for DCv2 at the ship select, allowing anyone to play Famitsu Maximum Attack regardless of the disc they are using.

Server-side patching for Plus

Server-side patching for Plus has been made possible thanks to the work of fuzziqersoftware. This is a bit of a hack, so when you connect to the server using PSO Plus, you will load a quest and then immediately leave it. This is to add the patching functionality to the game, allowing Plus players to pick up all the useful quality-of-life patches without having to patch their game if they are unable to, or simply don't want to.

Regarding Return to Ragol

A romhack was recently released known as "Return to Ragol". Before it was released, Return to Ragol was patched to identify itself when connecting online. Players on this version of the game can connect to Ragol.org, however they will be segregated from playing with regular players. They will show up in lobby with a light red name, and also spawn by default in Lobby 8.

Note that there was an issue with the widescreen version originally, so if you find you're spawning in Lobby 1 by default, please redownload or re-patch your game, or you will not be able to play with other players.

We hope you enjoy playing PSO!

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