Episode 3 Plus V2.6 - New Card: Traitor

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Episode 3 Plus V2.6 - New Card: Traitor

Post by Matt »

Hello Hunters and Arkz,

The Episode 3 Plus Mod for the US version of Episode 3 has been updated to V2.6 today. You may download the updated version at https://ragol.org/ep3-downloads.

This update includes:

  • New Card: Traitor
  • Missing online rebalances
  • Bug fixes

With the addition of Traitor, Episode 3 Plus now offers a round 100 extra cards to play with compared to the original retail release.

Ragol.org's own card definitions have been updated to incorporate all of the below changes, so Traitor is earnable and playable online straight away.

New Card: Traitor

The main feature of this update is a restoration of the unreleased card Traitor. This card did not function properly as the card was incorrectly defined.

This card has you attack all your own field characters for a set 5 damage, and restore HP equal to a quarter of the total damage dealt. This card costs 4 to use. This card is subject to change depending on how powerful it ends up being.

Here is a video how it works in practice: Click

Missing online rebalances

Various official online C.A.R.D. revo changes have been missed from previous releases of Plus, as these changes are not obvious by looking at the stats of cards.

  • Explosion now only targets the opponent team, and not both teams. Cost has been reverted back to five.
  • Del-D's TP Boost is now equal to the dice rolled, instead of the dice rolled minus 1.
  • Game Informer's Stall now only affects characters adjacent to the player, and not the entire map.
  • Leukon Knight's Bomb Blast (Knight ACT 4) now rounds up instead of rounds down.
  • Dreamaga's duration on AP Assist was changed to 1 turn, instead of 1 attack (not sure if this does anything practically, but it is a change that was made).

Bug fixes

  • Punch Return has been fixed to correctly reflect Rampage damage, and the name has been reverted back to Punch Return from Punch Block.
  • Hildebear's Cane + now correctly awards EXP from its Timed EXP Sacrifice ability, and also no longer says it provides Full AP Assist in the ability text.
  • Double Cannon will now correctly show the Pierce ability text during an Act phase.
  • KIREEK and Tornado will now set HP to 0 rather than deal 99 damage to affected cards.
  • BERNIE's ally bonus "when" parameter has been changed to 22 from 0E. (no clue what this does, but it's an official online change)

We hope you enjoy playing Episode 3!

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