Solo Challenge, GameCube Server Backups

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Solo Challenge, GameCube Server Backups

Post by Matt »

Hi all, now features solo'able versions of all Challenge quests on all platforms.

To play a solo challenge quest, create a challenge room and use the command $quest 88XY where X is the episode, and Y is the stage. For example, $quest 8813 will load Episode 1, Stage 3, and $quest 8825 will load Episode 2, Stage 5. You can only use this command while in a room yourself, and if you are not in the red gem slot, you will be immediately kicked on quest start. Note that there is no retry menu when playing alone, so if you die, you will need to recreate the room.

These quests are minimally changed, and do not make any allowances or conveniences for solo, so shortcuts or box rooms which require 2 players will remain inaccessible when alone. Furthermore, players must complete all routes that would be cleared in a 2-player game to be able to progress; for example in Episode 2, Stage 2, players will be required to complete both the Player 1 and Player 2 route before they are able to progress to the meet-up location.

Times will be recorded as normal if you clear solo, so it is theoretically possible to earn ES/S-Rank Weapons this way.

Please let us know what you think of the changes to the quests, and let us know of any things that may be changed too much, not enough, or if anything should be changed to be better for solo play.

Be warned that if you accidentally load a solo challenge quest outside of challenge, you may suffer data loss, so be careful. If this does occur, turn off your console/client immediately to avoid saving the challenge data to file. This is no longer an issue, as you cannot load these quests outside of Challenge.

GameCube Character Backups

If playing on Episode I & II non-Plus on GameCube, you may now backup your full character data (including bank, symbol chats, and chat shortcuts) to the server in case of corruption or loss. This can be done with the $savechar x and $loadchar x commands. You have 16 backup slots on the server (recently increased from 4 for all platforms) to use.

We hope you enjoy playing PSO!

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