Duplicate Drop Vote

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Which drop system should be default?

Poll ended at Sat Apr 27, 2024 12:52 pm

Individual ($dropmode private)


Duplicate ($dropmode duplicate)

Total votes: 5

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Duplicate Drop Vote

Post by Matt »

Hi all,

3 weeks ago, we started a trial for the duplicate drop system as default, instead of the individual drop system. Now that it's been running for a while, we would like to gauge how people feel about it and put it to a vote if the default drop system should be individual, or duplicate.

You can vote on this post on the forums, or in Discord depending on your preference. It will run for a week.

To quickly recap the differences:

Individual drops

In an individual drop system (more commonly known as "PSO2 Drops"), when an enemy dies, each player in the game rolls a different drop. One player may get monomate, another monofluid, and so on.

Duplicate drops

In a duplicate drop system (most commonly known from the game "Warframe"), when an enemy dies, one drop is rolled in the team, and then each player receives their own individual copy of this drop. For example if a monomate is dropped, all players in the game get a monomate. Duplicate drops also rolls the same stats on all drops too.

Regardless of the decision as to which is default, both drop systems will still exist in the game, and can be toggled with the $dropmode command.

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