V2 - Sunset at the Secret Base English Translation, and Episode 3 Balance Changes

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V2 - Sunset at the Secret Base English Translation, and Episode 3 Balance Changes

Post by Matt »

Hi all,

Sunset at the Secret Base has been translated into English by a talented community member. It is mostly based off the official English translation introduced with AOL Cup. Please note that this quest is only available on Dreamcast V2 and PC, however there is a version on GameCube/Xbox called "-AOL Cup- Sunset Base" available, but it does not reward the items below, only Cell of MAG 502.

Sunset at the Secret Base was a Japanese-exclusive event quest on Dreamcast which rewarded players with various items at the end of the Famitsu Cup: Maximum Attack event. The following items can be obtained in this quest, will you figure out how to get them? There is no combat in this quest and the goal of the quest is to help a group of rappies on Ragol, and can be done at any level.

  • Angel's Wing
  • Devil's Wing
  • Hamburger
  • Chu Chu
  • Kapu Kapu
  • Chu Chu Fever
  • Game Magazine (Famitsu)

As there is no way to get Chu Chu Fever with slots legitimately, The Lab has also been updated to allow this! You may add slots to Chu Chu Fever by talking to Lilith (the FOmarl). She will charge you 1 Weapons Leather Badge per slot.

Please let us know if you run into any issues while playing Sunset at the Secret Base, or when adding slots in The Lab.

Dawn of e-Access (in its original Japanese) is also now available on PC. PSO Famitsu Cup and Dawn of e-Access will be translated to English in due time.

Episode 3 Balance Changes

A couple of changes have been live for a little bit in interest of balance of Plus cards:

  • Inheritance now only grants EX equal to Max HP/2, instead of Max HP.
  • Skip Turn now has 7 delay turns instead of 5.

Please let us know what you think of these, and we hope you enjoy playing PSO!

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