In response to recent allegations against

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In response to recent allegations against

Post by Matt »

A recent article has been made with allegations against myself (Matt) and by the administrator of another PSO server. You may find this here.

The crux of the argument is that is benefitting from stolen and plagiarised content, namely certain V2 quests which allegedly "steal code" in order to exist on Some examples of these quests are Lost HELL PALLASCH, Fragments of a Memory, and The Lab.

Back in 2016, I made a huge mistake in literally stealing content from Sylverant and hosting it on another PSO server. This, in hindsight, is something that I regret doing and I do apologise for this. All of these quests were removed from the server later on and have never been rehosted.

However, it is now 2024, and Matt in 2024 is a different person to Matt in 2016. does not host nor distribute any content made by others without permission. The only quests uploaded on are those that are officially from SEGA, created by my own hand, or used with permission from the other authors. This can be quite easily seen through observation by connecting to and playing the quests online. Furthermore, all of my own quests are downloadable, meaning that anyone is able to grab a copy for themselves, and after some minor decoding, have a clean copy of the quest for them to inspect to be able to definitively prove any wrongdoing, rather than assuming so.

However, rather than expecting users to go through this process, I will now present decompilations of a few quest scripts themselves, as well as a full folder of all the quests currently hosted on (minus quests by other authors) for anyone to inspect and prove that the quests are plagiarised.

These decompilations are in qedit's .pasm format, as that is the most widely understood.

Fragments of a Memory V2:
Maximum Attack 4th Stage V2:
The Lab V2:

All quest files hosted on (minus quests created by other authors)

Before levying accusations that is benefitting from theft or plagiarism, I would please ask for people to prove it through hard evidence, rather than out-of-context Discord screenshots.

I will not be engaging in any further discussion on this. I am 100% confident that all my content is created by my own hand through my own ability. I am also responsible for V2 backports for the BB government quests (with some artistic liberties), Sweep-up Operation, Scarlet Realm, Maximum Attack E, and also ported Maximum Attack 4th Stage to V1, so to be accused of having no ability and only being able to make things through theft is not only false, but downright insulting. This is a point that did not need to be made, and only serves to make the accusations come off as a hit piece against myself and

I would like to request that anyone reading this do not flame or cause drama with any individuals involved.

Lastly, is a server that promotes openness, inclusiveness, and building bridges. It is a server for all manners of non-Blue Burst players to enjoy PSO, and is nothing more than that.

  • Matt
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