Episode 3 - Small Card Changes

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Episode 3 - Small Card Changes

Post by Matt »

Hi all,

After some quick research on the official online card files vs. what is being ran online currently, some discrepancies were found and the following changes are now live:

  • Punch Return (or Punch Block) has been fixed to correctly reflect Rampage damage. Name will be changed back in next version of Plus.
  • KIREEK and Tornado instant death now set HP to 0 rather than deal 99 damage. Tornado also has its "when" changed to 0C from 0D.
  • Explosion has been corrected to only target opponents rather than all field characters, as it was on the official servers. Cost increased back to 5.
  • Double Cannon will show Pierce text during attack phase now.
  • Del-D's TP Boost is now correctly boosted by dice, instead of dice-1.
  • BERNIE's ally bonus "when" has been changed to 22 from 0E.
  • Leukon Knight's Bomb Blast will now round up correctly instead of round down.
  • Dreamaga's duration on AP Assist was changed from 1 attack to 1 turn.
  • Game Informer's Stall has been changed to only affect characters adjacent to the player, and not the entire map.
  • Skip Turn cost has been reduced back to 3.

Not 100% sure myself what all the changes do, but the card definitions file now matches the official SEGA online changes more accurately now.

There will eventually be a V2.6 of Episode III Plus which incorporates the above fixes and further text fixes to reflect the changes.

Pollux/User and Castor/User changes

There are 2 unused Castor and Pollux cards which have been rebalanced incase anyone wants to hack them in:

-- Pollux/User --

HP: -5, AP: 4, TP: 1, MV: 2

Unlimited Summoning (Can summon 4 creatures with no maximum summon limit)
Immobile (5-9, 3 turns)
Corruption (custom ability - Pollux's creatures will lose HP each turn equal to half the amount of own defeated)

-- Castor/User --

HP: +5, AP: 5, TP: 3, MV: 2

Carnage Uninclined
Drain (1/3)

If you want to make a deck with either of these, use the below AR codes, then make a deck and they will be the story character. As long as you don't change the story character when editing their decks, you will be able to modify the deck even once you turn the code off.

Pollux/User: 0427B100 386002BF
Castor/User: 0427B100 386002BE

Others: 0427B100 3860XXXX

If you want to use other unused story characters, replace XXXX in the above code with the card ID from the cards page at https://ragol.org/cards.

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