Minor Updates

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Minor Updates

Post by Matt »

Hi everyone,

A few things have happened over the past couple of weeks, this is just a quick round-up of those things. As usual, most of this work is thanks to the work of fuzziqersoftware.

  • A list of all server commands can now be found at the server commands page
  • Xbox patches have been added for Decoction, Invisible Mag, and Enemy HP bars. Movement Patch and Item Loss are also present (Xbox access is currently not public but will be requested if desired)
  • Endless Nightmare and Phantasmal World on GameCube/Xbox have had camera switches added before the rooms which change the camera. These switches disable the custom quest camera.
  • GameCube/Xbox now have 5% hit rate across all IDs in Episode 2, similarly to Episode 1
  • $itemnotifs has a new option: every, which lists all drops including meseta. The behaviour of on now excludes meseta drops.
  • Other players will now have their name coloured dependng on their version. This colour isn't visible to you, and does not always show on Dreamcast/PC. The colours are:
    -- Dreamcast V1: White
    -- Dreamcast/PC V2: Orange
    -- GameCube: Light Purple
    -- Xbox: Light Green
    -- Episode III: Yellow
    -- Dreamcast NTE: Light Grey
    -- Dreamcast Nov 1: Dark Grey
    -- PC NTE: Dark Orange
    -- GameCube TE: Dark Purple
    -- Episode III TE: Dark Yellow
  • Using the server to clear your license will now ask for a confirmation
  • Dreamcast Network Trial Edition and Nov 1 Prototype will now accept the 16-character serial number / access key format.
  • The default lobby will rotate every so often for some variety, so you won't always be spawning into lobby 1 / 16! At time of posting, lobby 3 / 18 are the defaults.
  • The banner images in the Episode 3 lobby have been fixed for players on hardware.

Furthermore, GameCube Trial Edition is supported by EU/Ragol. You may connect with the following methods:

Devolution: Any username, any password, 128416466674975 phone number.
Dolphin: Build fuzziqersoftware's dolphin fork on the tapserver-modem-adapter branch, then connect to the server using as your connection settings in Dolphin. Use any username, password, and phone number in PSO.

Once Dolphin has modem support in its main releases, proper connection instructions will be put on the website.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing PSO!

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