Government Quests and Rewards - 02-Jan-24

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Government Quests and Rewards - 02-Jan-24

Post by Matt »

The government quests have been fully backported to Ver. 2. Some creative liberties had to be made to make this happen, as map replacement (i.e. having 2 Cave 1 maps) does not work on Ver. 2 outside of Challenge.

The main feature of the quests - that is, the final Endless Nightmare-like rooms - are all retained and some optional routes had to be removed to accommodate for this (other than 3-1 and 3-2, which had to have a main route room removed).

The government quests also feature rewards similarly to Blue Burst, but have had their rewards changed to be appropriate for Ver. 2.
  • 1-1: Talk to Irene at the start of the quest to receive a Red Handgun with 20% Native
  • 1-3 Hunter: Red Sword with 20% A. Beast
  • 1-3 Ranger: Anti Android Rifle with 20% A. Beast
  • 1-3 Force: Resta Lv. 23
  • 2-4 Hunter: Red Dagger with 20% Machine
  • 2-4 Ranger: Red Mechgun with 20% Machine
  • 2-4 Force: Shifta or Zalure Lv. 24
  • 3-3 Hunter: Red Slicer with 20% Dark
  • 3-3 Ranger: Baranz Launcher with 20% Dark
  • 3-3 Force: Deband or Jellen Lv. 25
The goal of these rewards is to ease the player into Ultimate better than the original Ver. 2 balance does, and make it possible for players to actually do damage as they progress.

Each reward can be claimed multiple times by clearing the quest again (or in the case of 1-1, just restarting).

The meseta rewards of each government quest have also been re-instated - they were in the quest file originally but never called.

The government quests have also been fixed on GameCube/Xbox to not only give the reward to the first player who talks to Irene/Dan/Elly, and players may earn the rewards as many times as they want on one character. The meseta rewards have also been re-instated.
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