Rare Drop Notifications and $edit Command - 01-Jan-24

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Rare Drop Notifications and $edit Command - 01-Jan-24

Post by Matt »

For all versions of the game, $rarenotifs has been added. This is enabled by default, and will display when a rare item drops for you along with details about it. This is mostly useful for Version 1 & 2 as they do not have red item boxes, but can be used by other versions as well.

$edit command

$edit is a command that will allow you to change some fun aspects of your character! It can only be used on Version 1 & 2.

$edit name <name> - Changes your character name (note that Section ID is not recalculated)
$edit npc <npc> - Changes your character model to one of the following NPCs: ninja, rico, sonic, tails, knuckles. Note that this only works on Version 2, and you must be using hairstyle/head 1 before using this, as you will softlock without it.
$edit namecolor <ARGB hex> - Changes your name color to the defined hex color. Alpha must always be FF. V1 default is FFFFFFFF, V2 default is FFFFAE35.

After making a change, save your game to have them persist. Note that using these may greet you with a corruption message. If this happens, make sure to hit no 5 times and then use the dressing room, but do note that any name colour changes are removed after using the dressing room.

Please note that other servers may consider these to be cheating, so after using them you may want to revert back to your default values if you plan to play on other servers.
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