Episode I & II Plus (US) Widescreen and Patchers

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Episode I & II Plus (US) Widescreen and Patchers

Post by Matt »

You may not know this, but a brilliant widescreen hack of US Episode I & II Plus for GameCube was done by GameMasterPLC about a year ago. In comparison to other widescreen patches, this patch extends the executable of the game to move the UI, instead of stretching all the 2D elements of the game, giving a much more modern widescreen feel.

It was originally released here on YouTube, which showcases the widescreen hack in Battle Training.

This version of the game is not compatible with the popular patcher programs that are widely used by GameCube players today for various quality of life features and essentials, such as the item loss prevention and decoction patches, and as such, it got very little attention.

However, I am releasing publicly today a pre-patched version of US Episode I & II Plus Widescreen (also pre-patched with item loss prevention and decoction patches), along with modified versions of the patchers everyone knows and loves.

Game download: https://ragol.org/files/gc/US1.2_Widescreen.zip
Patchers download: https://ragol.org/files/gc/US1.2_Widesc ... tchers.zip

We hope you enjoy this release of PSO!



  • GameMasterPLC, the creator of the widescreen mod
  • Ralf@gc-forever, the creator of most of the popular GC patches
  • Aleron Ives, the creator and distributor of the patchers for Ralf's patches (original page: https://psopalace.sylverant.net)
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