Individual drops (or "PSO2 Drops") - 16-Dec-23

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Individual drops (or "PSO2 Drops") - 16-Dec-23

Post by Matt »

Individual drops (otherwise known as "PSO2 drops") have been added to the server for all versions other than the Dreamcast Trial Edition and Dreamcast 11/2000 prototype.

If you're not familiar with this system, what it means is that when an enemy is killed in a multiplayer game, each person will generate their own drop instead of there only being one drop between all players. No more ninjas!

By default, the server is set to individual drops for all players, but this can be overriden with the $dropmode command.

$dropmode none - Disables all drops in the game
$dropmode client - Uses original drop tables, with one drop per game
$dropmode shared - Uses server drop tables, with one drop per game
$dropmode private - Uses server drop tables, with one drop per player
$dropmode duplicate - Uses server drop tables, with each player getting the same item, but their own copy of it
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