Choice Search, Episode 3 Game Night, GameCube/Xbox Quests, Version 1 and 2 Features - 14-Dec-23

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Choice Search, Episode 3 Game Night, GameCube/Xbox Quests, Version 1 and 2 Features - 14-Dec-23

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Choice Search
Choice Search has been added to the server, and is available on all platforms other than the Dreamcast prototypes and Ver. 1.

Choice Search is opt-in, and must be turned on under the Choice Setting option. When turned on, other players will be able to search you using the Choice Search feature, and be able to find where you are and be able to send you mail, even if they don't have your Guild Card. You may find this useful for contacting people who are playing and want to arrange a game with them.

Episode 3 Game Night
Every Saturday, we host a game night for Episode 3 for players to gather and play some games! This takes place on Saturday at 20:00 UTC. Some other timezones are:
  • PST: 11:00
  • EST: 15:00
  • CET: 21:00
  • JST: 05:00 on Sunday
Be sure to join if interested in finding other players to game with!

GameCube/Xbox Quests
All the Blue Burst quests have been backported to Episode 1 & 2, along with some other custom quests. These are:
  • Episode 1 & 2 Government quests
  • Fragments of a Memory
  • Ender's Sweep-up Operation #1-9
  • Esther's Scarlet Realm #1-4
  • Sugoroku
  • Pioneer Halloween
  • Maximum Attack 4th Stage (all 6 quests)
  • To the Deepest Blue -MA4 Venue-
  • Maximum Attack E: Episode 1, VR, and Gal Da Val
  • AOL CUP -Sunset Base-
  • Gallon's Plan
Version 1 & 2 Updates
  • Server drops now work with Version 1, although the drop tables have been rebalanced. However, VH Skyly Booma Agito has been made 1/330 to match JPv1's drop rate.
  • $savechar and $loadchar have been added to create server backups of your character. You can use it in the lobby, and when reloading a backup, you must exit the game and save for it to say. Use it with 1, 2, 3, or 4 to signify slot.
  • All official download quests have been added, which are: Letter from Lionel, Soul of a Blacksmith, The Retired Hunter, Soul of Steel, Central Dome Fire Swirl, PSO Famitsu Cup Ver. 2, Dawn of e-Access
  • $persist has been added which allows players to keep a game open even if nobody is in it. This is mainly for transferring items between characters - drop items on the floor, use $persist, leave the game and rejoin on another one. Note that if a game is 0/4 for 15 minutes, it will be deleted from the server.
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