Rebalanced Ver. 2 Drops, New Quests - 23-Nov-23

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Rebalanced Ver. 2 Drops, New Quests - 23-Nov-23

Post by Matt »

The server drop tables for Ultimate in Version 2 have been majorly rebalanced. The item drop locations are generally the same as vanilla, however the rates have been eased significantly to be more similar to GameCube/Xbox's drop rates.

Furthermore, these server drops are also available in quests, so you are not stuck to playing only free roam for rare drops.

You can see the new drop rates at

Note that the drop rates are only available online with server drops enabled (this is by default).

Some quests have been added:
  • Ender's Sweep-up Operation quests are available under Extermination.
  • A story flag fixer quest has been added to the download quest list. If you are unable to progress offline due to playing a download quest, load this quest up and it will reset you to last known good state.
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